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Artist Statement - Into the Garden Collection

I am inspired by the unique and versatile medium of encaustic which allows me to work with it in multiple layers, similar to how I use depth of field in my photography. I work with hot wax known as encaustic that is a mixture of beeswax and the tree sap damar resin. The all natural medium is heated to around 200 degrees to become a liquid form. I then apply the hot paint to cradle boards and fuse the layers with a torch.


Being back in my home state of Wisconsin I have always been intrigued by old, worn down and left behind items. Even more exciting is when I find objects that are now left behind in a field where they are slowly being broken down by nature. I am drawn to the textures and colors and the idea that this item, whatever it is, was once important to someone and being used on a daily basis.

Being able to connect back to the past when life was simpler and more about nature and less about technology is the inspiration behind this series. Mixing materials to create a new and sometimes surreal realm we can escape too provides a sense of peace and wonder for me. The wax layers create a dreamy effect drawing you in, wondering what lies beneath the surface. I hope the following collection "Into the Garden" transports you to a landscape that is special, giving you a few moments away from the harsh realities of our world.


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