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Here is a glimpse into the making of my artwork. A large part of the paint/medium I am currently using I made. Making my own encaustic medium adds another layer of intention to my work and connection to it. I am tinting the wax with natural pigments all the way from London. When it's time to paint the wax is heated to around 200 degrees F and then becomes a luscious liquid form. From there I apply layers and layers and layers of wax to my subtract which are cradle boards. Many of the boards I use are made right here in Wisconsin of birch wood. 

From sketching out ideas to then translating those into wax is a long process with each step led by my intuition. Being a Scorpio I see and feel things differently. There is a connection to the art that can not be explained. Sometimes the ideas don't work out the way I had hoped but during that process new and unexpected things arise. It is those that I then follow as they are speaking louder and clearer. It is from these space that collections are created. 

To see more behind the scenes in the studio please visit and follow me on IG at Scorpio Encaustics.

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