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The Space Between Collection

This collection features my largest encaustic pieces to date. Each one incorporates patterned papers, hand drawn line work. Layers of encaustic are added to specific areas, known as accretion, adding dimension and a tactile quality. The line work is hand drawn. Available for commissions.

Artist Statement:


A small but bold body of abstract mixed media encaustics. These pieces are inspired from past relationships. As humans, we have many layers and depth that is unseen, unspoken and often goes unknown. 

The dark colors next to bright ones symbolize hidden feelings next to moments of joy & happiness. The rough texture represents fear, guilt, jealousy, & disappointment; all the negative emotions we harbor from one one another. We often keep these thoughts and feelings buried deep down and never share them with the people closest to us, the ones we spend countless hours with. 

The goal of these works is to bring awareness to these feelings and thoughts allowing you to open up, share and speak what are, where they come from and allow the light to shine through. As we are all made of light. 

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