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                                                          A Break From Reality

This collection explores surrealism through mixed media encaustics. The artistic movement of Surrealism developed in Europe after WW1. The artists utilized fantasy, myth and dream imagery as a reaction to the cruelty & violence of the war. Surrealism was defined as experimentation and an openness to possibilities. It was essentially rebelling against the limitations of the rational mind and repression of social norms. 

The literal translation of the word "Surrealism" is "above or beyond reality". The art is meant to create new realities and tap into the unconscious state of our dreams. 

Since 2019 our world has begun to unravel and revert back to atrocities. From a world-wide pandemic, gun violence, hate crimes, women's rights revoked and the current war between Russia and Ukraine; we could all use a Break From Reality. I created this body of work to do just that. The artwork provides a way for you to escape the daily stress and transport you to mysterious environments & landscapes. 

Which fantasy land do you want to travel to? Browse the collection below and enjoy the unexpected, uncanny and sometimes absurd scenes. Take a Break From Reality.

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