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Take a glimpse into the making of my artwork.

I consider myself a mixed-media artist. I enjoy working with a variety of materials and often include two or more different ones within my artwork. 

A large part of the paint/medium I am currently using I made. Making my encaustic medium adds another layer of intention to my work and connection to it. I am tinting the wax with natural pigments from London. When it's time to paint the wax is heated to around 220 degrees F. The wax then becomes a luscious liquid form. From there I apply layers and layers of the wax to my subtract which are cradle boards. Many of the boards I use are made right here in Wisconsin of birch wood. 

Depending on the collection I am working on I may add elements I have sourced from local antique shops such as hand-written letters or vintage maps. Another technique I incorporate into many of my pieces is drawing into the wax or using a technique called accretion which is building layers of texture. The versatility of the wax medium along with the dreamy feeling is amazing and allows me to express myself in various ways. 

After a piece is completed I allow it to "rest" or "cure" for over a minimum of a month. I then buff the surface and finish up any final details. The process of completing the work involves many steps and time.

I also enjoy working with ink, watercolor, and art resin. These elements are combined to create my newest collection, Chroma.  Each medium provides its own challenges and carries unique properties. Encaustics create a soft and dreamy effect while resin adds shine and brightness. 

Being a Scorpio I see and feel things differently. There is a connection to the art that can not be explained. Sometimes the ideas don't work out the way I had hoped but during that process, instead new and unexpected things arise. Having a strong education within the fine arts thanks to UW Stout, I can allow my intuition to guide me in the direction the art should go.  It is those moments that I follow as they are speaking louder and clearer. 

To see more of the process follow me on Instagram at Scorpio Encaustics.

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