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                                          Ink & Watercolor

Explore the abstract collection of ink and watercolor drawings . Each reproduction of the original is printed on fine art smooth matte paper, matted and framed with a simple thin black profile frame with non-glare plexiglass.

My ink + watercolor collection started in 2021 and has been continuing to grow each year. The series is called "Finding Balance". Sometimes I start with the shapes and draw them in first with ink and then add the color, other times I flow with the paint and then go back and add line work. No matter which way I am working it is a very meditative process. 

The shapes range from squares to rectangles, or circles. They are all supporting one another, some better than others. This is how life feels to me at times. Parts are working well and feel solid only to have other areas start to feel like they slipping and about to fall off. As a single-working parent, this analogy hits home. We are led to believe we should be able to do it all but in reality, that is impossible. Something will always feel like it is balancing on the edge, the goal is to be delicate and force the structure into place. 

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