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Web of Life

The spider web is a symbol of fate, our existence, and how life brings people together in an unforeseeable way. We do not always know how things are going to end up, but with each step we take we are weaving a web that is interconnected. It draws our attention to the choices we make throughout our lives which can affect not just us, but others around us. Whatever you put into motion will eventually catch up with you. Your actions matter whether they are conscious decisions made by yourself or something beyond your control.


The collection, Web Of Life, explores the symbolism of the web through mixed media abstract encaustics. I am intrigued with symbolism and how it speaks to us unconsciously. These symbols can guide our decision-making when we are in tune with our true selves and not distracted by outside elements. 


The web is symbolic as a protective force that brings together all living things. The artwork encourages viewers to look at their web and see the vigilant forces that bind together all living things. 


Each step we take adds to the web and its interconnectedness transcends dimensions. Each piece of the web belongs to every other piece, just as the artwork does. No matter where you go or who else has been trapped within it previously, it is all interconnected. 


How will you go about living your existence?



This collection has been created for the upcoming 30x30x30 Group Exhibition taking place at Var Gallery in Milwaukee, WI opening April 19th, 2024 from 5 pm-11 pm.  All 30 pieces will be on display and available to purchase starting April 19th. All sales of these works are done via Var Gallery. Each original mixed media encaustic is 6x6x1.5 inches on cradle board. Please contact Alexis directly for commissions of this collection.

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