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I am inspired to explore and create artwork inspired by the power of symbols and their meaning. At a practical level, they point us in the right direction, they issue caution, they give us choices, or they limit them. 


What I am interested in exploring through my mixed media artworks are the less obvious. The Chroma Collections invokes color as the primary symbol. 


“Color influences human behavior, emotions, and perceptions. We all have instinctual connections between specific colors and the feelings they evoke. However, these connotations vary between cultures and personal experiences.


Colors hold different meanings and associations for cultures around the world. Often associated with specific events and rituals, the symbolism can vary dramatically from country to country.”  An excerpt from Color Psychology in Art and Design by Benjamin Barnhart


The other element I play with in my work is connection and how different elements are connected, even being far apart from one another.

This is seen with the bold or thin black lines, and shimmering gold or silver within the pieces. 


I hope to remind and bring awareness to the viewer and collector that everything is energy. All objects in the universe, including human bodies, are composed of energy. That energy is the foundation of all matter, and exchanges with everything else. The same energy that composes one person, composes all people. Energy is always flowing, and always changing. 

Available for commissions. Please contact Alexis directly to learn more at

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