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Artist Statement - The Space Between Collection

I am a creative empath using my intuition to guide me to develop my artwork which is a deconstructed view of the complexities of wanting & desiring to connect to one another. I work with hot wax known as encaustic that is a mixture of beeswax and the tree sap damar resin. The wax is heated to slightly over 200 degrees to become liquid. I then apply the hot paint to cradle boards with brushes and fuse the layers with a torch.


My work is inspired by my life experiences whether those are encounters with individuals or from exploring my surroundings. From there a thought or feeling gets explored through my art. As humans we have many layers and depth that is unseen, unspoken, and goes unknown; encaustic mimics that in many ways. 


The dark colors next to bright ones symbolize hidden feelings next to moments of joy and happiness. The rough texture in areas represent the layers of fear, guilt, & disappointment that we all harbor from one another. My goal is to help individuals open up to share and speak what they are feeling to allow their light to shine through and embrace the space between. 

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